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The Village Difference

Since I opened our first school in 2008 people ask me, what is different about Village Montessori? At the begining it was hard for me to explain as our school was being created and growing within our community. I always knew I wanted to create a school that would start with the Infants as I believe in supporting working parents. I wished I had a Village Montessori for my children when they were infants where they could experience a freedom of movement, rich in language and Montessori materials that support brain development.

Today I am able to answer that question and I say our school is different because

  • It was created specifically for the working families that believed in Montessori education from the start and can't do it because there are very few Montessori schools that would offer an infant curriculum.

  • Our school is committed to providing Montessori education as it was originally intended and designed by Maria Montessori. With that in mind the environments are meticulously designed and equipped with ALL the Montessori materials. We are a high fidelity Montessori school.

  • I also learned during my Montessori studies that creating a community would be important. What I didnt know is that today what parents love most about our school is that sense of community that only a small school like Village Montessori can provide. Everyone gets to know each other at Village Montessori and as the children become life long learners the parents create life long friendships.

Here is a peak of the Village Difference


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