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Village Montessori uniforms can be conveniently ordered on-line through Land's End or Denis websites.


Families are encouraged to apply for financial aid for school tuition.

Opens February of every calendar year for thirty days only.

Click the FAST icon below to apply.

The FASFA deadline is March 1st

Standards of ethical conduct

In compliance with Florida Statute Section 1002.421, Village Montessori has implemented policies outlining ethical standards for instructional personnel and school administrators.

It is the duty and legal obligation of all Village Montessori employees and representatives to promptly report any instances of misconduct by instructional personnel or school administrators that may jeopardize the well-being, safety, or welfare of a student.

Core Values:

At Village Montessori, we uphold the worth and dignity of every individual, the pursuit of truth, dedication to excellence, the acquisition of knowledge, and the fostering of democratic citizenship. Central to achieving these principles are the freedoms of learning and teaching, alongside the assurance of equal opportunities for all.

Focus on Student Development:

Our foremost priority is the student and their holistic growth. Therefore, our staff are committed to continuous professional development, exercising sound professional judgment, and upholding integrity in all endeavors.

Responsibilities of Instructional Personnel: In line with our commitment to student well-being, our instructional personnel pledge to:

Make reasonable efforts to safeguard students from conditions detrimental to learning, mental, or physical health, and safety.
Encourage independent learning initiatives and refrain from unreasonably limiting a student's pursuit of knowledge.
Ensure students have access to diverse viewpoints without undue restriction.
Present subject matter truthfully and comprehensively, without intentional suppression or distortion.
Avoid causing undue embarrassment or disparagement to students.
Respect and uphold students' legal rights without exception.
Prohibit harassment or discrimination of any form, safeguarding students from such behavior, and promoting an inclusive environment.
Refrain from exploiting relationships with students for personal gain.
Maintain confidentiality regarding personally identifiable information unless required by law or serving professional purposes.
Ethical Conduct Commitment:

Recognizing the significance of earning and maintaining trust within our community, all Village Montessori employees pledge to:

Conduct all professional dealings with honesty and transparency.
Ensure equitable treatment of colleagues regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, political beliefs, marital status, disabilities, sexual orientation, or social background.
Respect colleagues' political and civil rights without interference.
Uphold a harassment-free and discrimination-free environment, actively preventing and addressing such behavior.
Refrain from making malicious or intentionally false statements about colleagues.
Training Requirement: All instructional personnel, educational support employees, and administrators are mandated to undergo training on these ethical standards as a condition of employment.

Reporting Misconduct: Employees must report any misconduct affecting student welfare promptly. Procedures for reporting misconduct are detailed in our policies, accessible on our website and within our premises.

Reporting Child Abuse, Abandonment, or Neglect: Village Montessori staff have a legal duty to report any suspected cases of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect to the appropriate authorities promptly.

Liability Protections: Individuals and institutions acting in good faith to report instances of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect are immune from civil or criminal liability as prescribed by law. Additionally, employers disclosing information about current or former employees in good faith enjoy liability protection, unless such disclosure violates civil rights or is knowingly false.

This policy is established to ensure adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct within Village Montessori and to safeguard the well-being of our students and community members.

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