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Hello! Thank you for coming to our frequently asked questions page!

Do you enroll all year long?
Yes, we have rolling enrollment for new students. 
Yes, you can enroll any month after the school year has started.

How far ahead of time should I register?
Paying enrollment fees secures your spot ahead of time. 30 - 60 days notice is usually enough to assure yourself a spot in one of our classrooms. 
First come, first serve, space is limited.

How much is the enrollment fee?
$1300 per 12 months.
20% discount offered with early re enrollment in February every year. 

If I enroll mid year do I pay a full enrollment fee?

Yes, but you will receive credit for the difference during re enrollment. So you will never paid more that $1300 a year for enrollment fees.

Does my child need to be independently toileting to join the school?
YES for students 3-6 years old
NO for students 16-36 month 

Student Immunizations required?
Yes, but not for Covid.


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