This program allows the children to experience two full Montessori academic cycles each day. In the second cycle the children have the opportunity to continue working with the Montessori materials and also to dig into science, reading, art as well as daily baking within a Montessori environment. The program also includes five enrichment activities such as movement, science, music French and Spanish. This package is available for children ages 3 to 6 years of age.



Montessori Year Round Academic and All Day

This program features the finest uninterrupted learning and socialization through the regular academic year and through the summer months in full day packages. The students embrace the stability and opportunity to continue working with Montessori lessons in our prepared environment. Our more relaxed summer academic schedule expands in great detail on a chosen subject. The topic selected is inspired on the Outdoors. The activities will include, camping, art, and soccer. Summer camp is open to everyone and not only Village Montessori students. This program is available in a full and half-day schedule.