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Embracing New Beginnings: Your Guide to Joining a Montessori School in a New City!

Moving to a new city brings a blend of excitement and challenges, especially when it involves finding the right school for your child. This guide aims to make your transition to a new Montessori school smooth and reassuring!

Use word of mouth!

Call someone in the city you are moving to! Word of mouth is always the most trusted and authentic way to go! Get on the horn with a friend or relative in the area to see what the locals are saying. Online presence is great, but to truly feel a school you will need to visit in person to know what is truly going on. Start with word of mouth, and get a feel for the reputation of the school.

Research Thoroughly:

After you have made your phone calls, looking to get some word of mouth, use your online research to see if any of the recommended schools are near your area. Look for reviews, the school’s philosophy, and curriculum. Remember: Montessori is in the public domain, any one can put it on the front door, it doesn't make them a truly authentic school.

Visit in Person:

If possible, visit the schools. Observe the classroom dynamics, teacher-student interactions, and ask about their approach to new students. Some schools may offer the opportunity to tour a classroom with a teacher, which is a great way to get to know the school's culture.

Community Engagement:

Inquire about parent involvement and community activities. A supportive community can greatly ease the transition for both you and your child. Village Montessori holds about one event per month, everything from parent seminars, to dances, art shows, and festivals. Attending these events is a great way to make new friends in Miami. Stay alert to your calendar when you enroll.

Preparing Your Child:

Open Conversation: Talk to your child about the move. Use storybooks or activities to explain the change and make it exciting! Fostering excitment for the new school can only help the transition process. Answer questions, explore the idea together. Children feel the emotional safety of their parents, if you are sure of the new school, of the new city, then the children will feel that sincerity. Impart that assurance on your child, perhaps sharing your own moving experiences.

Visit the School Together:

Before the first day, visit the school with your child to familiarize them with the new environment. Most schools will want to do a small interview with your child. If you are fortunate enough to tour with a teacher, you might get some deeper insight on what it is like inside of the school. Remember, the staff are there to keep your children safe, but not shelter them. Challenge your tour guide on what discpline looks like in the school, ask questions that have tough answers!

Maintain Routines before the move:

Keep familiar routines from your old home to provide a sense of security. Children feel safest when they know what is coming, over communicate and stay committed to your positive habits as a family.

Highlight the Positive!

Focus on the exciting aspects of the new school and city, encouraging independence. Support your child in exploring and adapting to their new environment at their own pace.Relocating and transitioning to a new Montessori school is a significant change, but with the right approach, it can be a positive and growth-filled experience for your family!


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