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How to Montessori at Home

Every parent asks, what can I do to bring Montessori to my home. This is a great question as children from families who support their children at home by following the Montessori philosophy adapt better to the school environment.

How to make our home an extension of the Montessori school environment and philosophy?

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The Montessori home environment cannot be accomplish by purchasing Montessori materials online and bringing it to our homes. Montessori is a philosophy with foundational principals. A method develop after more than fifty years of observations considering the development of the child. The basic principles considered are the planes of development, the human tendencies, the absorbent mind and the sensitive periods.

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Bringing the Montessori philosophy to the home environment is about embracing our role of parents as educators and learning how to lead our kids with clear rules and affirmed boundaries. It is about discipline with harmony. We respect the child and the child learns respect. When we give them small responsibilities and they will be able to develop order, concentration, discipline and will also know how to take their activities to completion. Invaluable skills that they will have for life!

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We often see our Village Montessori parents amazed by how beautifully the kids are reading by the time of their graduation… this only happens in this way because of what an authentic Montessori program offers through the practical life foundations within the program over those sensitive learning stages of the child development. They learn to focus, they learn to work in peace, they know how to concentrate and have the self-confidence needed to know that hey can do by themselves! Is truly beautiful.

Bringing the Montessori practical life home is all about bringing back a deeper level of awareness to our daily lives, “there is nothing that the kids learn at school that they couldn’t do at home. We have to create opportunities for our kids to learn at home too. Their independence comes from our ability to understand their needs and we should invest some time in arranging things around the house in a way they can easily and safely interact with so they feel they can help and participate.”



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