Montessori at Home

Our monthly Parent Seminars are great opportunities for parents to learn and better understand what stands behind their kids education at Village Montessori schools. This month we are bringing up a subject that is very close to our hearts and in order to answer a frequent asked question from our parents:

How to make our home an extension of the Montessori school environment and philosophy?

We have interviewed Pepa Rivero-Weinrich, our lecturer for the “Montessori at Home” highly demanded Seminar and were delighted with her insights!

“Well-behaved kids are happy kids!” During this lecture Pepa will be guiding the parents through the foundational principles of Montessori philosophy that sets the ground for a happy, well-behaved child.

This lecture will focus on how important practical life skills are for our children development. “Kids love little chores and home activities and they love spending time with their parents and families. Little chores teaches our kids order, structure and concentration and have invaluable value as they grow up. People in our society nowadays are confusing academic skills with performance, but at a such young age kids need to learn more about their environment to feel confident, to learn empathy and kindness, to learn self-control and have a healthy understanding of their own emotions.”

Bringing the Montessori philosophy to the home environment is about embracing our role of parents as educators and learning how to lead our kids with clear rules and affirmed boundaries. It is about discipline with harmony. We respect the child and the child learns respect. We give them small responsibilities and they will be able to develop order, concentration, discipline and will also know how to take their activities to completion. Invaluable skills that they will have for life!

We often see our Village Montessori parents amazed by how beautifully they kids are reading by the end of their preschool years in the school by the time of their graduation… this only happens in this way because of what an authentic Montessori program offers through the practical life foundations within the program over those sensitive learning stages of the child development. They learn to focus, they learn to work in peace, they know how to concentrate and have the self-confidence needed to know that hey can do by themselves! Is truly beautiful.

Bringing the Montessori practical life home is all about bringing back a deeper level of awareness to our daily lives, “there is nothing that the kids learn at school that they couldn’t do at home. We have to create opportunities for our kids to learn at home too. Their independence comes from our ability to understand their needs and we should invest some time in arranging things around the house in a way they can easily and safely interact with so they feel they can help and participate.”

In this Parent Seminar, Pepa will be guiding Village Montessori parents through the mindset that will put light on so many opportunities around the house in order to implement the teachings from Maria Montessori beyond the school hours.

Join us for this valuable seminar!


About Pepa Rivero-Weinrich in her own words: “I am a wife, a mother, a Montessori educator, a Certified Leadership Parenting Coach, and the founder of Parent Coach Miami. I was personally trained by John Rosemond, America’s most widely-read parenting expert. Through my business, Parent Coach Miami, I join John Rosemond on his mission: “To help America’s parents claim loving leadership in their families, thus ensuring optimal success for themselves and optimal well-being for their children”. Our unique approach teaches parents how to set healthy boundaries at home and how to handle daily family conflicts effectively, without yelling, bribing, or pleading.

I offer one-to-one parenting coaching, private parenting classes and presentations for schools, parishes or community organizations. I also work with caregivers or any adult who is working or living with children. I share John Rosemond’s parenting approach with my clients because it is clear, simple, easy to implement, and has an immediate positive impact on the lives of the entire family. I also share the experiences and tools that I learned as a Montessori teacher which helped me see the child from a new and fascinating point of view, and to be a more understanding and flexible mother. Last but not least, I share my personal experiences as a mother of a cross-cultural family, which is a fascinating and challenging life!” /