I am overwhelmingly pleased with Village Montessori. It's a warm, loving environment, but the aspect that attracts me the most is that the children are constantly engaged in developmentally appropriate, hands-on activities. The children garden, taste fruits and vegetables, sing songs, dance, play, create, and learn all day long. This is not babysitting. The environment is carefully structured to facilitate independent functioning and children are encouraged to do as much as possible on their own. The teachers are always engaged with the children, singing, reading, talking with them, fostering language and social interactions. My son Sebastian loves school and has made many close friends both younger and older than he. I highly encourage any family with a young child to consider Village Montessori.



Village Montessori School was a ``dream come true`` not only for my daughter, Sarah Emily, but for our family as well. Sarah came to the school with many reservations as expected with an only child of 2 years in age. Amazingly, after a couple of weeks, there never seemed to be enough words in Sarah’s vocabulary to express the joy she had found at The Village Montessori. One of the more important characteristics of the school is the founder and teacher ``Ms. Joan``. Her patience and kindness with Sarah was invaluable. So much so, that Sarah leaned to trust Ms. Joan with not only sharing her triumphs but her failures as well. This trust in turn, grew as a motivational factor for Sarah and facilitated in expanding her learning capacity even further. Village Montessori taught Sarah more than I could have ever imagined. After a couple of weeks of school, Sarah was excelling in practical life experiences of which we as adults see as small tasks but for a 2 year old, are a huge undertaking. I was amazed at how well Sarah set the table for snack time, poured her own drink, put in her chair after eating and cleaned up. She gained in knowledge on how to follow directions and was taught to be disciplined in doing her lessons well, on her own and at her own pace. It built up her concentration of not only doing a task well but completing it – a big accomplishment for a two year old! Music, reading and sensorial lessons were part of everyday at the school. The lessons expanded her use of many of the five senses, and complimented each other quite well. Equally amazing was the fact that Sarah learned to be fully potty trained with Ms. Joan's help, love and patience in a period of less than two weeks! Her experiences at Village Montessori will always be memorable, but more importantly, it is very clear to me that Sarah’s time there has prepared her to be more confident with herself and to interact well with others. I would only hope that all children enjoy the same experiences and welcome others to it as well!

Martha Borge-Gutierrez


I feel my infant daughter gets the best possible care and love at Village Montessori. I was pleasantly surprised that the teachers encourage ``freedom of movement``, and I have noticed a difference in my daughter's development compared to my son (who attended a different school as a baby). I'm confident that much of that difference is due to the interaction she receives on a daily basis. I look forward to her attending this school for several years. I feel the environment, the care of staff, and the format has helped our child immensely with expressing herself and learning fundamentals in learning such as art, counting, spanish, play, as well as the process of socialization. I feel my daughter is healthier and happier due to her experience at Village Montessori. Here are a few of the WONDERFUL things about the school: amazingly dedicated staff...excellent knowledge of early childhood development...flexible, understanding approach towards administration...reasonable costs comparable to nearby schools...well organized facility...Location, Location, Location (it is so great, hopefully the school will not outgrow the facility). VM has helped our child in wonderful ways; the caring staff seems to have boundless energy and the teachers are truly selfless. They all have such wonderful attitudes. They are like rays of sunshine. We feel privileged to be able to have our child attend such a fine school. Congratulations to you, Ms. Joan!