It's a World Cup Summer at Village



Our Summer Camp theme is "It's a World Cup Summer!". From June 9th to Aug 1st during our summer camp we will study the culture, art, language, and culinary arts of some of the countries competing this year's most celebrated event; The World Cup!. We will study Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Ghana, and the USA. As we Study the culture & customs of these countries our children will expand their knowledge of Geography, Science, Music, Art, Architecture & Language while also playing this great sport with the assistance of professional soccer coaches!


  • Continent Song
  • Ocean Song
  • Animals on planisphere
  • Land and Water forms
  • Packing a suitcase
  • Decorating Passports
  • Planisphere map
  • Science


Mondays: Water play.  Interesting facts about the country, where is it located on map, land & water forms, flag, language of the country and how to say hello


Tuesday: Soccer game and Art project begins


Wednesday: Water play & wacky Wednesdays


Thursdays: Soccer game & Science experiment


Friday: Cooking & Water play