For infants 0 - 16 months

The Monet room at Village Montessori is specially designed to meet the needs of your child by providing a home like environment, aesthetically beautiful with soft tones, loving, safe and clean. It is an atmosphere of understanding, respect and support with freedom of movement.

Aims of materials in the environment

  • Develop Visual, Tactile & Auditory senses.
  • Develop Concentration
  • Develop Eye-hand coordination
  • Two hands working together
  • Hands guided by intellect
  • To encourage infant to move with a purpose
  • To aid the development of knowledge of spatial relationships
  • Cause & Effect


Through the interactions with our Village Montessori environment your child understands the Power of “I can change my environment”

  • At Village Montessori your child becomes an active participant of the community where he develops Self Confidence.
  • At Village Montessori your child experiences accomplishments of his first goals.
  • At Village Montessori your child begins to understand he can be self reliant.
  • At Village Montessori your child develops Eye-hand coordination while maintaining equilibrium

We do not have a “schedule” for the infant room. We believe that children eat when they are hungry and sleep when they are tired. We try to give them plenty of space to move around inside and outside each day. We read to them, sing to them, and enjoy them.

To help the children bond with only a few adults, and to assist the adults in their efforts to personally respond to the uniqueness of each child, we use a Primary care-giving approach. Each adult is responsible for the same children each day. This not only allows the care giver to personally become involved with only 3 or 4 children and respond to them individually, but it also makes recording of their primary care much easier to manage. This does not mean that the care giver ignores the other children or refuses to assist them if their primary care-giver is busy.